Over 300 FREE Sanitary Pads Given Out In Celebration of The Girl Child.

Over 300 FREE Sanitary Pads Given Out In Celebration of The Girl Child.

Pictures from SisiPower Outreach carried out on Tuesday, the 15th October, 2019.
The SisiPower team were at Ransome Kuti Memorial Snr. Grammar School, Mushin in celebration of the International Day of the ‘Girl-Child which was on Friday 11th October.
Over 300 FREE Anion sanitary pads were given out to the less privileged teens in the school and they were also taught the basics on being a successful entrepreneur. Read More

First of its Kind in Africa: SisiPower Initiative to Empower the ‘African Sisi’ with $1m Entrepreneurial Grants and 150m Anion Sanitary Pads to women and the less privileged girl-child in Africa

Sanitary pads which is supposed to be readily available and affordable to every girl or young woman in Africa is not. Though we have some sanitary pad brands in the market, it’s just that many of these girls and women can’t afford to buy and use them for their monthly menstrual circle. In order to get these pads, these young women find themselves in despicable situations where they are forced to have sex with the chemist or shop keepers who sells these items. They are also exposed to having sex with any available male in exchange for sanitary pad. So sad that girls have to sell their dignity just to get a paltry sum of money to care for their monthly period.

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Its a new dawn for endless possibilities!

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The Sisipower Initiative is aimed at building a network of powerful women who are entrepreneurs helping others in the society to be advocates of good personal hygiene and entrepreneurship.

Sisipower’s ideology of “thinking beyond the box” entails embracing technology to drive social impact.
SisiPower is an initiative of Beep Foundation to empower the African girl child with access to FREE sanitary pads and entrepreneurial grants. Read More